Introducing Entrepreneur First Climate

Matt Clifford
10 October, 2022

Entrepreneur First is for exceptional people who want to solve hard problems. There are few problems as big, as urgent and as in need of the world’s best minds as climate change.

That’s why today we’re announcing our first dedicated programme for aspiring founders who want to build companies enabling a sustainable future: EF Climate.

What is EF Climate?

EF Climate is for ultra-ambitious, smart and driven people with conviction to address climate change through company building. From those who apply, we will select the most exciting 40 candidates, pay them to quit their jobs, and build startups from scratch.

Over a three month period, they will:

  • Trial co-founding partnerships to find the most complementary person to build their company with.
  • Identify problems in the climate space they’re uniquely positioned to solve.
  • Gain advice from expert mentors and advisors.
  • Launch their companies.

We’ll invest in those we believe have the potential to make a genuine, global impact.

Why build a company tackling climate change?

Co-founding a company is the fastest, most directly impactful way to drive the change the world needs. You won’t be constrained by someone else’s targets or vision. You will be able to work on the most ambitious goals you can set, that you’re most uniquely placed to achieve. 

With a curated community of exceptional people committed to the same mission, and a network of expert advisors and investors, EF is the best place to find a co-founder, and do it.

We’ve already seen from previous companies founded at Entrepreneur First the impact and breakthroughs that happen when you bring exceptional people together to work on climate change. We’ve seen fabric made out of carbon emissions; AI that decarbonises cement production; clean technology to rejuvenate ion batteries; animal free dairy. And we’ve seen them raise tens of millions in funding from the world’s leading investors.

Now, we’re doubling down: more founders, more focus, and an even faster trajectory for our companies.

How can I take part?

If you think you’ve got what it takes, applications are now open. Places are extremely limited and we are anticipating high interest – so be sure to apply early for your best shot.

Get started.

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