Matt Clifford on Scaling Your Ambition

EF co-founder and CEO explores why founding a technology company is the best career path for ambitious people; the risks of starting up; and how EF unlocks the doors to entrepreneurship.

Theo Saville of CloudNC on Transforming Manufacturing

Theo shares his learnings from building future of manufacturing company CloudNC, from finding product market fit, to expanding their team and raising capital.

Noor Shaker of GTN on Disrupting Drug Discovery

Noor shares her personal story, and everything she's learned about product market fit and funding in the process of building her company.

Mostafa El Sayed of Automata on Revolutionising Robotics

Mostafa shares his journey from training as an architect, to making robotics more accessible by founding Automata - and all he's learned along the way.

Ed Miller of Scape on Mapping Urban Environments for Augmented Reality

Ed shares how he transitioned from working in interactive imagery to co-founding location infrastructure Scape, and the insights he gathered in the process.
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