Joe White on Pioneering SAAS in the UK and Picking the Right VC

Entrepreneur and angel investor Joe White explores building and leading his company Moonfruit through the dot come boom and bust, and what startups should look for in a VC.

Chris Mairs on The Art of Angel Investing and Pre-Internet Entrepreneurship

Prominent angel investor, entrepreneur and Venture Partner Chris Mairs explores his learnings from building MetaSwitch and investing in over 70 companies, and what he looks for in co-founding teams.

Milad Mohammadzadeh of See Mode on Empowering Doctors to Predict Strokes and Save Lives

Milad explores his journey co-founding See Mode, including how their technology is revolutionising stroke treatment, how they landed on the idea, and the challenges of innovating in medicine.

David Hunter of Optimal Labs on Revolutionising Human Nutrition

David reflects on how he co-founded Optimal Labs, including why he left a well-paid job to found a company, what he learned from EF, and the challenges he's overcome.

Rohit Jha of Transcelestial on Transforming Communications Technology and Maximising Your Personal Impact

Transcelestial co-founder Rohit explores how his life-long fascination with space influenced his choice to become an entrepreneur, meeting his co-founder Danesh with EF, and how they built their globally ambitious company.
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