Becoming a First Time Founder: a conversation with Dr. Sripad Devalla (CTO, OriginHealth)

Origin Health co-founder Sripad Devalla shares about his decision to break into entrepreneurship right after his PhD; the importance of stress-testing a co-founding relationship; and how he navigated the emotional highs and lows of being a first-time founder.

Becoming a First Time Founder: a conversation with Gwendolyn Regina (Programme Director, Facebook)

Gwen shares what first time founders should ask themselves before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, and how her journey down the three roles as entrepreneur, advisor, and investor has shaped her views on today's entrepreneurial landscape.

The Path of Reinvention for Deep Tech Founders: a conversation with Paul Santos (Managing Partner, Wavemaker Partners)

Paul shares how the role of a founder evolves as startups scale, Wavemaker Partner’s deep tech focus, and why South East Asia’s ripe for innovation.

Resilience To Readiness: a conversation with Sai (Co-Founder, and CEO, Sensorflow)

Saikrishnan (Co-Founder and CEO, SensorFlow) shares how hardware startups can turn resilience into readiness for a post COVID world.

March to the Beat of Your Own Drum: a conversation with Hazel Savage (CEO and co-founder, Musiio)

Hazel shares how Musiio became the first venture capital-backed music AI startup in Southeast Asia.