S2 Episode 4: Animation is Eating the World

Animation has huge storytelling power. LottieLab CEO Drew Olugnebi explores how his company is enabling brands like Duolingo to use it.

S2 Episode 3: AI-Powered Cancer Diagnostics

AI is set to transform medicine. We speak with Pahini Pandya, co-founder of Panakeia, about how her startup is speeding up cancer diagnosis, revolutionising treatment and saving lives.

S2 Episode 2: Reimagining data privacy

Privacy is one of the biggest topics in technology today. While many of us don't like the amount of data companies have on us, this data also drives the internet economy. In this episode, Matt Clifford speaks to Permutive founder Joe Root about how his company is rebuilding data in online advertising to protect user privacy, and his entrepreneurial journey.

S2 Episode 1: Building in the New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic shook up almost every aspect of human life. In this episode, we speak with two founders - Matt Wilson of Omnipresent, and Pete Butler of Dishpatch - to explore their journeys building rapid-growth startups tackling these new challenges.

S1 Episode 8: Talking Sustainable Energy

It's clear that business as usual is not good enough to tackle climate change. Andre Lorenceau, co-founder and CEO of Divigas, and Leon Farrant who holds the same position at Green Li-ion explore how their technology is driving the change we need for a sustainable future.
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