#6: The road ahead: how to hire, grow and pivot

What should you look for in your first hires? How do you build a high-performing culture? How should you structure your relationships with mentors and advisors? And what are the signs that you should pivot your business? In this bonus episode we look at how founders should tackle the challenges of growing their company.

Are you what you build? Lessons from conversations with founders

When you’re someone who’s as ambitious and driven as founders tend to be, it can be hard not to merge your personal identity with your company - despite all advice to the contrary. Alice Bentinck and Gena Gorlin reflect on the insightful conversations we’ve had around entrepreneurship and self on this season of The Founder's Mindset.

#5: How to raise investment

Raising investment is one of the most exciting parts of building a startup - but for a first time founder, it can feel like one of the steepest learning curves. Having helped hundreds of companies to raise capital, Matt and Alice share their insight.

#4: How to find an idea

“I don’t have an idea” is one of the most common objections we hear from would-be founders. But it’s also a product of one of the biggest myths in startups; that ideas come from an ‘aha moment’, rather than a learnable, methodical process. In this episode, Matt and Alice share how founders can find an idea that gets customers and investors excited.

Wanting it All, or Nothing at All: A Case for Being ‘Married to your Work’

In this episode, psychologist Dr. Gena Gorlin speaks to Ray and Rebecca Girn, two people who utterly defy all conventional wisdom about maintaining work-life balance. When it comes to both work and love, they are, as they often describe it, “all in”. They’re part of the founding team of Higher Ground Education, which offers a radically different kind of education.
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