A Study in Opposites? The Real (and Counterintuitive) Makings of a Strong Co-founding Team

Vision or delusion? When to believe in your version of the future

How do you keep your convictions in the face of 'no's? Theo co-founders Victor and Aswin join psychologist Dr Gena Gorlin to reflect on their journey building a company with a bold vision of the future.

S2 | Episode 1: Founder Identity – Are You Your Company?

In this special episode, Entrepreneur First's co-founders Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford explore their own journey, how they built their partnership, and what they've learned 10 years and $10B+ in portfolio value later.

Episode 6: What We’ve Learned

Alice and Gena summarise their learnings from this season of The Founder's Mindset and give their advice for future entrepreneurs.

Episode 5: Starting Over

There's plenty to learn from anyone who has been through the founder process, but what about someone who has gone through the journey twice? Camin McCluskey tells us about his experience.
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