#2: How to find your co-founder

What skills and behaviours should I look for in a co-founder? Should I co-found with a friend, or stranger? How many people should I co-found with? How do I find them in the first place?

Having helped hundreds of founders identify the right person to build a company with, Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck set out to answer these questions in Episode 2 of How to be a Founder – The Podcast. 

They’re joined by guest and aspiring founder Melat, to explore what she should be looking for in a future co-founder, and answer a letter from an entrepreneur wondering if they need a co-founder at all.

For more insights on how to find your co-founder, Matt and Alice’s book ‘How to be a Founder’ is out now. Visit howtobeafounder.com for more information and to order your copy.