Milad Mohammadzadeh is the co-founder of See Mode, a company that empowers doctors to predict strokes and save lives.

Strokes are the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability on earth. Each stroke costs a patient 9.5 productive life years and with 15 million new strokes a year, the economic cost of this soars into the trillions.

That’s why patients and hospitals love See Mode. With no additional test, See Mode provides the critical information required for stroke prediction that is missing from current clinical tools. This is achieved by combining medical image analysis, artificial intelligence, and computational fluid dynamics.

Fortunately, Milad and his co-founder Sadaf share these skills between them and since joining SG2 and pitching at Demo Day they’ve begun the process of starting clinical trials with 2 major hospitals in Singapore.

Milad has a PhD in biomedical fluid dynamics and has published his research on novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. He also brings experience in interdisciplinary research projects.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The problems with current healthcare solutions to stroke treatment and how See Mode is revolutionising the space
  • How Milad and Sadaf started working on the idea, which was generated by a chance meeting with a neurologist.
    – What it’s been like to innovate in Medicine, an industry with lots of regulatory and logistical challenges.

Milad and Sadaf are building something that has the potential to save millions of lives a year and it was really inspiring to go behind the scenes at the company and speak to them about their vision for the business.