Noor Shaker is the Co-Founder of GTN, a company that uses quantum physics and machine learning to search the huge space of potential drug molecules and discover drugs that were previously hidden from view. This means GTN can discover better drugs, more quickly, at half the cost.

Noor and her co-founder Vid met on EF8 and after combining their expertise in machine learning and quantum physics respectively to found GTN, they’ve made rapid progress, recently closing a big funding round.

Noor was Professor in Machine Learning and AI at Aalborg University in Copenhagen before she joined EF and has ten years of academic experience in the field, producing more than 50 papers with 1000 citations and an entire book on generative networks.

In this conversation we dive into Noor’s personal story, everything she’s learned about finding product market fit and funding in the process of building GTN and what she’s learned about herself along the way.