What Love is Blind can teach you about finding a cofounder

Author: Alice Bentinck
Posted: 31 March, 2022
Woman in red blouse in lit room

Who they select

The core premise of Love is Blind means that cast members are screened for shared levels of commitment. The show is not about dating, but is focused on finding individuals who are ready to get married now. If you find someone you’re interested in, you’re committing to a wedding four weeks later.

“My dating experience has sucked. I'm here because I'm looking for the one.”
From stranger to spouse in four weeks

LiB creates a time limited testing period with specific goals

The Pods, where they could chat, but not see each other

LiB creates new social norms around conversation

“Seems like it's been a lifetime.”
Nickon the depth of connection created by the conversations in the pods.

LiB creates ‘work tests’ to evaluate the productivity of the relationship

Nick and Danielle had a memorable fight surrounded by about 100 wedding cakes

What is LiB missing?

If only they’d be given a second chance at love…

At EF, we create an environment that allows individuals to ‘break up’ and then reform quickly with other potential founders. Often when finding a cofounder in the wild the opportunity cost of breaking up seems huge as you have no other person lined up. At EF, when you break up you have access to a pool of 50+ other active, screened individuals that you can lean into testing and having hard conversations with the very next day.