Surge Analytics

Asia 7| SaaS simulation software powered by AI for rapid, cost-effective energy storage system R&D

Surge Analytics

Making batteries that work well in any situation is hard, the battery used in an EV is very different to the one used in your phone. There are thousands of possible material combinations and potential configurations to choose from and even expert battery engineers make their decisions based on trial and error.

Surge Analytics solves the battery development problem by providing SaaS simulation software powered by AI to enable rapid, cost-effective battery R&D.

Their simulations deliver cost-performance-safety optimised insights into battery designs and can reduce annual R&D costs by 80% and cycles by 90%.

Meet the Founders


Ollie has a Biochemistry degree and was a CFA Charterholder from 2009-2013. He spent 15 years in financial services, culminating with being a Vice President and trader at Morgan Stanley. In 2015 he switched careers to software engineering where he developed AI/ML algorithms for health and security applications.


Vishvak has a PhD from NUS in collaboration with Cambridge in Chemical Engineering with a focus on energy systems. During his PhD, he developed algorithms to integrate physical phenomena with ML and is a leading expert in this field. For his thesis, he identified scenarios in which a Sony 18650 Li-ion battery might explode!

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