Asia 6| Rapidly programs smart microbes to replace synthetic products with natural and sustainable products.


Crude oil derived products have infiltrated every industry – synthetic colours, flavours, fragrances in food, dyes in textiles, fertilisers and packaging material that harm humans and the planet.

TeOra’s mission is to replace synthetics with naturals that are manufactured in a sustainable and predictable manner. A microorganism is the best factory, optimised over billions of years of evolution and TeOra genetically reprograms it to produce desired products.

Using microfluidics and AI, TeOra offers 100 times faster and cheaper genetic reprogramming to design smart micro-organisms in weeks to months instead of years.

Meet The Founders

Rishita is an award winning scientist with a PhD from A*STAR and NUS.
With 13 years of experience in genetic engineering, biosensors and
biophysics, she has successfully led international and interdisciplinary
teams and published 8 papers in journals like Nature Materials. She
has mentored biotech startups to prepare her for TeOra.

With over a decade of experience, 18 papers and a PhD from NUS and UC Irvine, Seyed has developed deep expertise in computation and experimental fluid systems where he mastered control and manipulation of turbulence and fluid flow in channels. A mechanical engineer by training, he has successfully led diverse engineering teams.

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