The AI Journey: Founder Discussion

Saturday 13 April, 14:30-16:00pm


Join us in Singapore for a panel discussion with three prolific founders and AI experts.

Delve into the world of AI with three prolific founders, Herve Roussel (Quod AI), Shao Yiyang (Narus) and Naresh R Shah (Untangle AI).


Saturday 13th April, 14.20-16.00pm


32 Carpenter Street
Singapore 059911


Meet the speakers:

Herve Roussel is a 3 time CTO with over 10 years of experience building software in the US and Silicon Valley. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science from Cornell University and serves as a mentor/advisor for the IBM AI XPRIZE, RMIT, AngelHack and more. Most recently, he led the engineering team to extract financial relevant content from 1 billion tweets per month using Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. Today, he is the CEO and co-founder of Quod AI, a cutting edge applied research start-up that provides AI/NLP powered code intelligence for software engineers.

Shao Yiyang has extensive experience in high performance computing, machine learning and deep neural network. He is the world champion of international supercomputing competition. He was previously researching on accelerating the inference of CNN models at NVIDIA. Now, he is the CTO and co-founder of Narus, a legal-tech startup that is developing intelligent industry-wide knowledge management solution for lawyers.

Naresh R Shah has experience in customer facing Data Science roles. At Procter & Gamble Co., he was responsible for setting up Data Science team for utilising IoT systems in order to improve productivity and drive efficiency of manufacturing systems in Beauty Product segment. He’s also experienced at building explanations for deep learning systems. Now, he’s the CTO and co-founder at Untangle AI, building tools to explain and analyse the decisions of deep learning models.

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