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The Entrepreneur First Podcast

19 August, 2021

Surfacing the stories, tactics and thought processes behind some of the world's most exciting companies - first-hand from the founders.

Hosted by Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck, co-founders of Entrepreneur First, this is your first stop for insightful conversations about entrepreneurship, technology, and science as we talk to founders building globally ambitious technology companies.

As entrepreneurship becomes the path for the world’s most ambitious individuals to make an impact – the speed at which incredible companies are being formed is blistering.

This series captures that lightning in a bottle.

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Latest episodes

Episode 6

NEW: Engineering the Future of Reproductive Health

Reproductive healthcare has struggled as an under-researched area and underinvested area in science. This is starting to change, and two startups, ImVitro and Juno Bio are working to tackle the gender health gap.

In this episode, we speak with Hana Janebdar, co-founder and CEO of Juno Bio, and Alexandra Boussommier, co-founder and CEO at ImVitro. They join host and Entrepreneur First’s co-founder Alice Bentinck to talk about how their companies are using innovative technology to tackle reproductive health issues.

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Episode 5

Biomanufacturing for Tomorrow

We stand on the cusp of a bioindustrial revolution, in which the power of nature will be harnessed to unlock progress in medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. FabricNano and Allozymes are technology companies with the ambitious mission to power this revolution.

In this episode, we speak with Grant Aarons, co-founder and CEO of FabricNano, and Peyman Salehian, co-founder and CEO of Allozymes. They join host and Entrepreneur First’s co-founder Alice Bentinck to talk about the state of biomanufacturing and how their companies are making them more sustainable in the future.

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Episode 4

Artificial Intelligence in Music

In this episode, we speak with Hazel Savage, the co-founder and CEO of Musiio. Alongside host and Entrepreneur First’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Alice Bentinck, she shares how her company are using AI to drive change in a fragmented industry that’s notoriously difficult to penetrate.

We dive into how she landed on her ideas, talk about her experience around designing company culture, and the importance of selecting the right investor at the right time for the business.

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Episode 3

Building Billion Dollar Companies

Alex Dalyac is the co-founder and CEO of Tractable, an AI-powered accident and disaster recovery platform. With co-founder Razvan Ranca, he made history when they became the first company founded through our platform to be valued at $1B in June 2021.

In this podcast episode, Alex and Reid Hoffman, co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn speak entrepreneur to entrepreneur to reflect on their own journeys as unicorn founders. They share what they believe are the most important tenets of founding a successful business – particularly in the earliest stages – and how aspiring founders can launch a startup heading for unicorn status.

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Episode Two

Space: The Next Tech Frontier

In this episode, we speak with Rafel Jorda Siquier, co-founder and CEO of Open Cosmos, and Rohit Jha, co-founder and CEO of Transcelestial. They join host and Entrepreneur First’s co-founder and CEO Matt Clifford to talk about the state of the space industry in 2021, life as the CEO of companies at the cutting edge of technology.

We discuss how the characteristics that make successful entrepreneurs; choosing to startup in area as ambitious as space; building global winners outside of the US; and how entrepreneurs will shape the new space age.

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Episode One

FinTech for the Future

In this episode, we speak with Rathin Shah, co-founder and CEO of Spenny, and Neel Popat, Founder and CEO of Donut. They join host and Entrepreneur First’s co-founder and CEO Matt Clifford to discuss how fintech founders are now designing products to empower the new generation to save and invest in new ways.

We talk about their journeys into entrepreneurship, why they chose India and US markets respectively, the balance between regulation and innovation in FinTech, and why it’s so hard for incumbents to keep up.

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