Waste Labs

Asia 7| Optimising waste collection with AI to make cities cleaner and more sustainable

Waste Labs

Waste collection is a critical service that every city needs to run daily. But its planning is often done manually, and consequently, collectors may choose inappropriate technologies, longer routes, or simply leave waste uncollected.

Waste Labs runs a proprietary AI platform that enables waste collectors and cities to analyse and improve their collection system. By creating a digital twin of the system, the platform highlights inefficiencies, and suggests improvements, helping to reduce collection costs by 10% – 40%.

And we already count a global waste collector among our clients.

Meet the Founders


Vladimir spent 12 years in Business Development across large international Tech and Energy companies. He has worked closely with governments in Asia, Middle East and Africa. He originated and structured Energy and Power Generation projects that are worth over US$10 billion, including those in the waste-to-energy sector.


Elias is an expert in optimisation modelling and spent 12 years developing AI to optimise waste collection. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering, initiated and led funded projects in waste management, and worked with large institutions such as WorleyParsons, OXFAM and the Housing Development Board in Singapore.

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