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We are the world’s leading talent investor, and pioneered the model of investing in people before they have a company or team.

We’re passionate about supporting ambitious, talented people to maximise their impact, and accelerate their lives and career paths.

We were founded on the premise that the world is missing out on some of its best founders. Restricted by lack of resources, time, networks, geography and opportunity, people with the potential to found the most important technology of the future were not.

Our 6-month long programme breaks down those barriers and opens the door to entrepreneurship for the next generation of leading founders.

Companies founded through our platform include Tractable (Computer Vision, currently valued at $1B as of June 2021), Magic Pony Technology (AI, acquired by Twitter for a reported $150m), Represent (social commerce, acquired by CustomInk), BloomsburyAI (acquired by Facebook), Cleo (fintech), Open Cosmos (space), CloudNC (manufacturing), Transcelestial (satellite communications) and many more.







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A global community

Beginning in London, our programme now runs in 6 of the world’s most exciting cities for startups, across 3 continents.

We bring together exceptional individuals without existing teams, businesses or investment, and give them the tools to meet their ideal co-founder and build startups.

How it works
Our Impact

Lives accelerated.

Over 500 companies have been built through our platform.

However, we are most proud of the impact our platform has on the lives of our founders. Our cohort members go from individuals to CEOs and CTOs of companies built on the problems they are most passionate about serving.

Our founders are able to achieve in 6 months what it takes many people decades to do.

Our Team

Our leadership

Entrepreneur First was co-founded by Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck in 2011.

Having met while working at McKinsey and Company, our programme was born out of their shared belief that it matters what the most ambitious people do with their lives.

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