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Noor Shaker
EF Alum and Investor
“Without EF, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for me to transition from academia to the entrepreneurial world. ”


Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford

The world is losing talented future founders to the status quo. Caught in mimetic traps, your ambition is constrained by the current social currencies for success. Defined by high status jobs, citation counts, and promotion cycles.

We exist to liberate you from these artificial limits. We reframe what’s possible. You don’t need decades of experience to build a technology startup. 

Your skill as a founder is developed simply by the act of getting started

That’s why our programs bring you together with exceptional peers, and back you to build a globally important company. So that you can make impact now, not later. 


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Alex Dalyac
Cofounder and CEO, Tractable
“We've gotten to a place in our careers that could have taken us 30 years in just 5, by simply deciding that we didn’t want to wait. EF gives you that opportunity to accelerate your life and do what you really want to.”
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A peer group of the exceptional

Building a globally important company is hard. At EF, we believe a cofounder has the potential to exponentially accelerate your trajectory. Our best cofounding teams more than double each other’s productivity. 

Our programs introduce you to a new peer group of exceptionally talented and ambitious individuals. Each dedicated to building a company, where everyone has given up something valuable to be there. Earning more money, publishing more papers, impressing their peers. Instead, they’ve chosen to join our program because they want to find a cofounder and start a company. It’s this shared identity that makes our programs so powerful. 

Our programs allow you to see what could be possible when you’re surrounded by a curated group of ambitious peers. To be immersed in co-creating beliefs about the future, and introduced to a selection of potential cofounders so you can make it happen.

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Fast track to funding

When you join EF, we put you on the path to becoming funded by leading investors, faster. You join a network of some of the world’s best founders, investors, and operators. That’s why the businesses founded on our programs raise from some of the most impressive investors in Silicon Valley and the world.

In April 2022, cofounders Ed and Chris founded Worldover. Six months later, they closed their £3 million seed round co-led by Index and Chalfen Ventures. 

In early 2023 Gensyn closed a $43 million Series A round led by a16z. Only three years earlier, cofounders Harry and Ben were strangers. They founded Gensyn after meeting on our program in 2020. 

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