Today’s founders have the opportunity to shape mankind’s future in profound ways. When you join EF, you’ll be immersed in a network of extraordinary people, shaping the future one founder at a time.

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As a team, we know how to push our founders to greatness, because we push each other to greatness. We are ambitious overachievers, who hold each other to account, recognizing that together we are more than the sum of our parts. 

Our collective drive and motivation unites us as a team, and as a global network of exceptional founders. This shared mindset is the basis for long-lasting relationships, built on mutual trust and respect, irrespective of our role in the company. 

We are a team of honey badgers – resourceful problem-solvers who fearlessly, creatively, and collaboratively confront and conquer obstacles.

When you join EF, you’ll become part of a global institution, backed by some of the world’s best founders and investors, committed to making great companies happen that otherwise wouldn’t. 

Careers at EF

Amplifiers of the Exceptional

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We’re looking for the next generation of Talent Investors to join us and enable the world’s most exceptional people to fulfil their potential. 

Talent Investors invest time and money in individuals, enabling them to build companies which wouldn’t otherwise exist. 

By focusing on the individual in the first instance, Talent Investors are building and developing a novel craft. The ability to identify and catalyse individuals who have the potential to be outlier founders, often before they’ve fully realised their own potential as a founder.