1 billion people suffer from mental disorders and for 1/3 of them current treatments are not working. Despite strong scientific evidence for the effectiveness of psychedelics, only very few, extremely expensive doctors currently offer psychedelic medicine — but without therapeutical support, which is crucial for patient outcomes.

We are building the leading provider of integrative psychedelics-based care, for patients suffering from mental and psychosomatic disorders like depression, anxiety or chronic pain. We offer a whole new care model: patients receive psychedelics in one of our clinics, while getting support from our network of experienced psychotherapists online and self-help via our patient care app. This allows us to be 10x more effective and accessible than existing solutions.

The psychedelics-based therapeutics market in Europe alone is a massive €32 billion opportunity. Already to date, 300 people have joined our waitlist, over 20 clinicians have partnered up with us and we have top-notch advisors from leading universities like Charité, Cologne and Yale. Our prototype is ready and we are about to start our first pilots with patients.