Effective management of established product portfolios of pharma and life science companies is essential in light of increasing regulatory and competitive pressures. Today, however, processes are run manually in an unsystematic and error-prone way, resulting in multi-million dollar missed opportunities and inefficient market coverage.

AVAYL’s innovative large-scale data intelligence SaaS automates portfolio analysis by leveraging competitor, regulatory, demand, and supply data, while employing ML for predictive analysis. This technology empowers pharma managers to focus on the most promising opportunities, improving P&L and transforming decision-making dynamics in the pharma market.

AVAYL developed their prototype with 100+ industry experts and successfully completed a pilot project with a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company. The latter resulted in a paid contract generating five-figure revenues. Currently, AVAYL is in advanced negotiations for further pilot projects with high-profile pharma and life science companies.

The company is based in Berlin and comprises talented members from their EF cohort and high-profile business angels.