Borderless is solving global workforce imbalances.

Employers in key sectors such as healthcare, construction & hospitality are desperate for staff but excessive bureaucracy means they struggle to access millions of talented overseas workers.

International hiring is a nightmare: expensive, complicated and slow.

Borderless is 3x cheaper and 10x faster, delivering staff and giving employers back time and money. They have exploded into the UK care sector. As of mid-March, the platform has £30k monthly revenue growing 3x MoM. It’s already processed 50 hires for 20 customers. There are 4,000 candidates actively seeking work, growing 10% WoW.

They’ve built the world’s first workforce migration platform to streamline international hiring. They are automating previously painful, manual and time-consuming processes like obtaining a visa.

Staffing is so dire that employers are wasting tens of thousands on expensive agencies and third parties and still missing thousands in lost revenue. With Borderless, employers can now hire effortlessly. They are laying the foundation of a scalable global platform to support worldwide migration and make moving continents seamless.