Neuro-psychiatric disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide and cost US$650B a year. Clinicians today do not have access to cutting-edge tools for early diagnosis and individualized modeling. This severely limits the efficacy of treatments and therapies for patients, and increases the risk associated with clinical trials for new treatments and therapies.

BrainSight.AI’s SaaS offering empowers clinicians to build the most bio-realistic virtual twins of a person’s brain, based on just a functional MRI scan. AI powered computational neuroscience analysis on the brain twin helps in 10X earlier confirmation, better neuro-surgical planning and personalized brain interventions. This combined with the digital phenotyping app launched by BrainSight, gives an unprecedented view of the patient, beyond just symptoms.

Brainsight are pilot testing our prototype with 2 hospital chains, including the largest private hospital chain in India. Brainsight is 1 of the 3 Indian startups in 3DExperience by Dassault Systems