Sustainable rice is one of the most effective solutions we have today to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Rice growing is responsible for 12% of global methane emissions and simple changes to growing practices can reduce its carbon footprint by 50% at no cost. And while carbon credits should incentivise farmers to act, they simply lack the tools to accurately quantify their emissions.

CarbonFarm is on a mission to democratise access to carbon credits. Its solution combines AI and satellite data to transparently monitor practices and estimate emissions remotely, at a fraction of the cost of traditional audits. Taking a fee for each credit sold, CarbonFarm will be the gatekeeper of a US$7B carbon market opportunity where transparency is king.

In just 6 months, the team has built and tested its MVP in 3 countries including a paid pilot with 4 major rice agribusinesses. After €160k in support from the European Space Agency, they have received a US$1M grant from the Australian government for a 3,000-farmer pilot in Vietnam.