Patients don’t have medication regimens that are tailored to them and medical professionals lack the information and time to provide this. This has led to a rise in polypharmacy, meaning patients have worse health outcomes, clinicians have more work and with US$500B spent annually in the US alone on non-optimised therapy, it’s expensive.

Cherub is building a SaaS brick that works in tandem with existing electronic health record solutions to redefine the prescriber workflow, making it 10x faster and more effective, whilst allowing clinicians to passively structure healthcare data. This data paves the way for personalised medicine and real world evidence.

In two weeks Cherub has signed up 5 GP practices, covering over 67,000 patients, with a 100% conversion rate. The GP Practices committed their time for free to help Cherub build its MVP and run a case study by letting the team spend time shadowing and attending testing sessions to feedback on the prototype as they complete integration with clinical IT systems.