Decentralized finance has the potential to digitize, democratize and transform global finance. However, the complexity involved when interacting with protocols makes the space inaccessible and prevents mass adoption.

The market needs a one-click solution to optimize and automate decision making. Compass Labs combines the on-chain, open-source, code-based nature of the blockchain with explainable AI and advanced hard- and software to do exactly that – optimise user interaction with decentralised protocols.

They are a team of experts in developing and deploying cutting-edge machine learning solutions, bridging the gap between advanced AI and the decentralised ecosystem.

Their MVP, a proprietary AI research stack executing dynamic decision making for liquidity provisioning, significantly outperforms existing solutions. They have 5000 people on the waitlist and got offered integrations with multiple decentralized exchanges. They are joined by a research scientist with 10 years experience in probabilistic ML at the Alan Turing Institute, and a blockchain engineer with a MSc in Computer Science.