Advanced molecular biology techniques like RT-PCR and genome sequencing are tools for early and accurate diagnosis in clinical diagnostics. Diagnostic labs face difficulties in scaling up, due to high operational costs and delayed TAT. RT-PCR and sequencing today, use multi-step protocols requiring machines, expensive reagents and skilled technicians.

D-NOME has created a disruptive platform technology D-LAMP, one of the world’s first room-temperature (37°C) RT-PCR, completely eliminating the need for RT-PCR machines. D-LAMP is a one-step, easy protocol, removing the need for skilled technicians. Using D-LAMP, diagnostic labs can now reduce their operational costs by 10x, and deliver results 5x faster.

D-LAMP is a versatile platform technology with massive market adjacencies, addressing a rapidly growing US$40 billion screening & diagnostics market (CAGR 15%).