Tokenomics is at the heart of every crypto ecosystem, and yet validating it can be a difficult, expensive, and uncertain affair. It can take up to 2 years, post launch, to gather enough user data to know if the tokenomics behind an application works or not. This problem exists because the range of options that teams have when testing or validating token economies often leaves them with more questions than answers about the viability of their designs and usually also requires an understanding of code. 

Ezzayo is a no code, agent-based simulation-driven interactive tool designed to serve as a stress test and validator tool for token based ecosystems.

Ezzayo has secured a partnership with Crypto Oasis (also known as CV VC in Europe) who is the due diligence partner for the Dubai government. Crypto Oasis spearheads the Dubai Digital Assets Authority (D2A2), and as such are part of the regulatory framework for the issuances of all blockchain trade licenses in the UAE. Crypto Oasis has a combined European and Middle East portfolio of over 5000 companies. Through the partnership, Ezzayo has access to Crypto Oasis’ client pipeline which strategically positions Ezzayo as the go-to partner for the Dubai crypto ecosystem. They have also finalized an agreement with them to come on board as advisors, along with channel partnerships with Tokenance and iBloxx.