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Founded 2018
Founder Grant Aarons, CEO

FabricNano is a biocatalyst engineering company that enables the sustainable manufacture of products, including but not limited to, industrial chemicals at scale.

The commodity chemical industry represents 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is the world’s largest industrial user of petroleum oil and gas. With the climate crisis escalating, and strict targets in place to ensure that industries and economies decarbonise, there is a clear and obvious need for the technology FabricNano is developing. The company works primarily with industrial manufacturers on a B2B basis—providing drop-in bio technology for chemical manufacture, at scale. This then enables decarbonization by a wide array of production processes, from plastics and packaging, to fuel, to feed.

FabricNano uses a range of proprietary methods to take a data-driven approach to biocatalyst engineering that enables the highest activity, stability, and specificity of the product in any industrial environment. Biocatalysts are typically constructed from enzyme machinery: proteins that enable and expedite specific chemical reactions. DNA makes RNA, and RNA makes proteins and that protein can be put to work as an enzyme executing a very specific chemical reaction over and over again. That’s how nature uses enzymes and we can, too.




Grant dropped out of an Economics PhD at London Business School where he studied microeconomics, markets, and econometrics whilst researching network theory applied to forecasting models. He previously worked in systems engineering and developed the mathematical modeling behind the nowcasting platform released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; cited by the FT & Bloomberg. He was recognised in the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing & Industry.




Founded at Entrepreneur First


Seed ($2 million) led by Backed VC & Hoxton Ventures


Series A ($12.5 million) led by Atomico


Extension round ($10 million) led by Future Positive


Co-development partnership with Sumitomo Chemical Company


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