Fuelcast makes ships intelligent by optimising fuel consumption. Saving fuel is a US$100B market. Hardware is not the solution, that’s already optimised. On average 15% cost savings are available by removing human error in the engine room. A US$15B opportunity.

Clients want this – data sharing agreements from 10 customers, 1 paying customer and 3 pilots.

This is a huge market as yet untouched by software – for the first time it’s now possible to access internet onboard. We have the opportunity to become the dominant software provider in this industry. The maritime industry will be responsible for 20% of global emissions in 2050, our solution will directly lower this to 17%.

Jurek Herwig has started and scaled highly reliable, secure products within the financial services sector as CTO of 3 teams at Commerzbank launching
a consumer application that now supports 2M customers. He has an
MA in Information Systems from University of Mannheim.

Mattias Nilsson is a specialist in engine performance optimisation and sustainable energy utilisation. He has invested five years building up a network of shipowners, maritime academics and naval OEMs. He has an MA in Energy Systems and Business Management from KTH Stockholm.

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