Green Li-ion solves the existential risk to the precious metals industry and the environment. Their patented deep technology is cleaner, faster and 4x more profitable than current lithium-ion battery recycling and the only technology to fully rejuvenate the battery cathode.

For two decades lithium-ion batteries have been our preferred source of portable energy, but the sad reality is that with a lifespan of only 1 – 3 years, 95% end up as dangerous landfill. The precious metals used to manufacture them are often mined in socially and environmentally damaging ways.

They are not being recycled, because it is simply not economical to do so with current technology. Green Li-ion changes this by removing inefficient processes and improving the purity of the output, making lithium-ion battery rejuvenation and reuse the new reality.

Green Li-ion’s multi-cathode technology and control unit GLMC-1 enhances current lithium-ion battery recycling lines to produce 99.9% pure battery ready cathode material.. This in turn delivers 4x profits for e-recyclers and lithium-ion battery recyclers, while halving production time. It’s also currently the only technology in the world that can handle all major lithium-ion batteries at one time; which means no sorting.