Today’s daily care products contain a substantial amount of microplastic and polymer ingredients. CPG companies are rushing to eliminate them due to environmental concerns and consumer demands. However, 90% of these ingredients lack viable bio-alternatives, and the existing 10% of bio-based solutions are often ineffective due to poor performance, high prices, and limited scalability. The unavailability of suitable alternatives could result in a $12B revenue loss and a road-blocker for going green.

Greenitio offers a solution to this problem with its platform technology that combines green chemistry and computer simulations to design and produce high-performance cost-effective biopolymer ingredients – unlocking avenues unachievable by traditional routes. Our customisable biopolymers offer new possibilities to cosmetic and home care MNCs to achieve their sustainability goals.

We are currently scaling up, planned trials with 7 customers, including paid trials, and have 8 pipeline trials. Our mission is to remove single-use plastics from consumer goods.