Rising awareness of women’s healthcare is fuelling a US$36B Women’s Diagnostics Market, of which US$12Bn is rapid diagnostics. Yet, 95% of clinics still outsource their routine blood tests leading to lengthy turnaround times while costing patients time, money, and delayed prognosis. The present diagnostics system severely overlooks the urgency and frequency required when treating women’s health, creating a demand for prompt management of women’s health problems.

Haemetrics is building a proprietary, automated, on-site testing platform to comprehensively analyse female health-associated hormones from blood to make diagnostics simpler, affordable, and at the point of care. Haemetrics’ mission is to equip clinics with their state-of-art device to enable informed and timely decision-making. Their goal is to create clinician and patient-centric diagnostics and make modern healthcare accessible to clinics of all sizes. This is their first step towards creating an entry point, covering clinical and operational functions in healthcare delivery for all women from menarche to menopause.