Healium is specialised in early detection of high burden diseases like Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) during pre-clinical stages.
They do this through explainable AI and Machine Vision driven “digital biomarkers”. Currently, CKD only gets detected when it’s
too late to be treated and patients are left to life-long dialysis or transplants. This is a large problem – globally 850M people
are suffering from CKD and 90 percent of them are unaware of the condition.

Healium has developed an easily integratable medical SaaS product that detects CKD 10 years earlier than any existing
system. They do this by applying 3 cutting edge technologies – AI, Computer Vision and Computational Fluid Dynamics on basic
Electronic Health Records, Lab reports, and Scans. Healium has 5 paying customers (medium size hospitals with 100 beds) in India and have screened 1428 positive from launch in Feb. They have 3 patents filed and their technology is validated in collaboration with MGH – Harvard Medical School.

Biju Jacob is a Healthcare domain expert with a PhD in Medical Genetics and 10+ years of experience as a C-level executive in large hospital chains like Narayana Health. He has validated and scaled large Nephrology services and has been instrumental in developing the first low-cost dialysis machine in India.

Neeraj Kumar holds a PhD in AI with a decade of corporate experience as applied machine learning engineer and has 8 global patents in AI. At DELL EMC he architected world’s largest AI-enabled Digital Healthcare data lake, used by 6000+ hospitals worldwide.

Bangalore, 2020