KrossLinker develops the world’s best insulation material for bio-pharma packaging.

US$318B temperature-sensitive biopharma products such as vaccines, blood, and drugs were shipped in 2018. Ineffective packaging contributed to US$22B loss of wasted products and delayed clinical trials. Our patented aerogel technology provides 200% better insulation performance, higher payload capacity, and offers multiple usage (sustainable). This translates to US$4.2B savings to biopharma companies. We have confirmed pilots with 2 of the biggest temperature-controlled packaging companies with 8 more in the pipeline. We will soon spread our wings to other insulation verticals (aerospace, oil and gas).

Dr Gayathri Natarajan has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from NUS with 8 years of experience working with industries and government agencies to commercialise innovations in sustainable chemical processes.

Dr. Elmira Soghrati is a technical expert with 6 years of experience in product development, material chemistry formulation and design of advanced material. She has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from NUS.

Dr. Mahesh Nathan is an expert with 8 years of experience in insulation technology. He has several publications, patents and a book in engineering, manufacturing and commercialising aerogel material.

Sectors: Manufacturing or Industrial
Location: Singapore, 2019