Smoking addiction is the largest cause of preventable death and disease in the world, addicting over 1.1 billion people and killing 8 million every year. Our society has made great strides towards solving this problem, and while the majority of today’s smokers want to quit, there is one remaining barrier; today’s treatments for smoking addiction have an average failure rate of 90%. This is largely due to the terrible user experience of patches, pills, and gums, which limit patient adoption, and the very slow-acting profile of the medications, which lead to high rates of relapse.

MIIST Therapeutics has developed a novel and patent-pending inhaled nicotine treatment that provides a very similar user experience to smoking and nearly instantaneous relief, reducing withdrawals and cravings within 2-5 minutes after use. This inhaled nicotine therapy gradually reduces the dose of nicotine so that by the end of treatment the patient has successfully solved both their cigarette addiction and the underlying nicotine addiction.