MoonGate addresses the 90% drop-off rate in web3 onboarding by simplifying wallet management and seed phrase challenges through secure MPC-based wallets. Users can effortlessly create and control web3 wallets within any MoonGate-integrated app, eliminating the need to navigate away to other websites to get onboard. As for functionality, both funding and token exchange are securely carried out in-app. With an accessible toolkit for web3 developers to integrate MoonGate, users benefit from a smooth and safe experience, resulting in a notable boost in user conversion rates. By making web3 invisible to retail customers, MoonGate enhances adoption and ease of use.

By providing a single Web3 authentication solution, MoonGate empowers users to access various dApps and blockchains through one unified platform. MoonGate aspires to become a global transactional wallet, facilitating international money transfers and taking the place of traditional payment gateways. By leveraging crypto’s unique advantages, such as consolidating funds, security, and identity, MoonGate also plans to attract Web2 ecosystem platforms.

Having been backed by investments from Entrepreneur First and Tezos, with ongoing conversations taking place with other Layer 1 foundations and DApps, MoonGate is well on its way to bridging the divide between Web3 and Web2 applications.