Musiio is an Artificial Intelligence company for the Music Industry.

Focused on the B2B space, we have built an AI that can “listen” to music. We supercharge Sync Companies, Labels, Streaming Services and more to Tag, Search, Curate or Playlist their audio. We provide cost-effective, fast and scalable ways to manage audio using AI, either through our APIs or custom built dashboard tools. At Musiio we make large catalogues of music infinitely more searchable.

By ‘listening’ to more tracks than a human could ever comprehend and identifying characteristics and patterns therein, its AI allows its users to better predict success.

The company knows that by solving the volume issue in music, and by offering actionable insights, users can increase their ‘hit-rate’ and ultimately the revenue.

Musiio provides a second-to-none AI tool that perfectly fits the needs of Jamendo. Our collaboration will certainly bring efficiency in our processes as well as a great level of homogeneity in metadata benefitting our listeners, customers and artists.
Jocelyn Seilles, Founder, Jamendo
We at ClicknClear are great advocates of leveraging technology to help maximise the opportunities to increase music revenue - so I’m excited to be working with Musiio’s AI to quickly get reliable, consistent tagging of our rapidly growing catalogue.
Chantal Epp, Founder, ClickNClear