Neuropixel.AI is a deep tech startup focused on apparel cataloging. This is one of the most repetitive processes that any fashion retailer/e-commerce platform undertakes every single day. Over 100M apparels are cataloged annually by this process which can take up to 40 days and cost upwards of $50 per apparel.

NeuroPixel.AI’s proprietary DeepNet framework is not just massively simplifying this process, but also making it much more cost-effective. They will enable clients to shoot any apparel on a mannequin, and generate lifelike catalog images as if those clothes were modelled by professional models in a variety of poses. Their USP is to show the apparel on models of different sizes and ethnicities, thereby enabling one of the biggest growth hacking levers for the online fashion industry.

Neuropixel AI pitch at our BA4 Demo Day