Optimal is AdSense for web3.

Targeted ads that pay users like Brave but seamlessly integrate into DApps, serving ads wherever users may be.

Optimal unlocks targeted advertising for web3, allowing advertisers to focus ads based on on-chain activity, inside both mobile and desktop dApps, helping them to generate regular revenue streams.

The end result: users see hyper relevant ads and get paid their fair share of revenue, directly into their crypto wallet.

In a little over 3 months, we have seen interest from multiple advertisers wanting to deploy five figure pilot budgets on our platform. We are launching our MVP with a wallet app that has over 70k MAU, with several other publishers – that have 4m MAUs combined – in our pipeline, eager to be on-boarded as soon as possible.

In addition to EF’s initial funding, we are also backed by Tezos and Orange DAO.