At Orbital Matter, we aim at becoming the construction company in space. We are working on a 3D Printing technology to be used in orbit and on the Moon, in order to manufacture large elements for the new generation of space infrastructure. Orbital Matter has already demonstrated its technology in vacuum and applied for an IP protection. The Company’s solution generated market interest in the form of 7 LOIs, a schedule for demonstration of the technology with Airbus and an inquiry for in-orbit manufacturing of a space station module for one of the prime contractors. The first phase will be ready in 3 years and replace existing parts of the satellites with a 20x more efficient solution, 3D printed in space.

Jakub, CEO, founded a manufacturing company that was the 22nd fastest growing company in Europe and Robert, CTO, worked at a double unicorn 3D printing company for 3 years where he was a part of an exclusive R&D team under the direct guidance of the CEO.