OutPoint is a predictive growth modeling platform for high-growth B2C brands built by a team of data scientists, growth experts, and full-stack machine learning engineers.

Our SaaS platform is simple: plug in your revenue and cost data sets (no code required). Our models will predict incremental return and CAC outcomes across any marketing channel with >90% accuracy. We then recommend how much to dial-up or dial-down spend across channels and offer a roadmap for unlocking future growth on new channels.

We solve the $260B per year (40% of global ad spend) ‘wasted ad spend’ and ‘rising CAC’ problem by arming high-growth brands with productized data science. Billions of dollars are misallocated, and the ecosystem for managing marketing capital is broken.

OutPoint’s models and insights are the foundation of a defensible platform roadmap that includes new channel recommendations and embedded fintech options (e.g., virtual cards for ad spend, cash advances for new channel investments).

We are actively selling into the US, Canadian, Australian and European markets, with 3x quarterly revenue (>$200K contracted ARR) growth since launch in H2 2021. Finally, we have an all-star group of customers, investors, and teammates in our growing community.