Founded in 2020, PixCap is a web-based 3D design platform that allows users to easily find, edit, collaborate on, and export static or animated 3D content and assets, such as for social media ads, landing pages, and app and product design. The company’s mission is to unlock the vast potential of 3D for design and marketing through its quick and easy-to-use platform.

Users can choose from PixCap’s extensive library of 3D templates and models (or import their own), edit them on the platform, and export unlimited images and videos based on these from templates – all without requiring 3D experience. Headquartered in Singapore, PixCap has partnered with globally recognised 3D and metaverse companies such as NVIDIA and Ready Player Me.

CJ Looi was Head of Computer Vision at Dorabot, a robotics company recognized as a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. He has worked with notable scientists in computer vision and robotics, including Gary Bradski, Founder of OpenCV and Peter Corke, Professor of Robotics at QUT.

Cyril Nie developed cloud infrastructures and helped modernise data architectures for FTSE 300 companies as a Cloud Computing Engineer. He has consulted on delivering Open Banking standards to large financial institutions. Cyril graduated among top of his class in Computer Science from UCL (University College London).