TORTUS are revolutionizing healthcare with their next generation AI co-pilot for doctors, OSLER.

In today’s world, doctors spend as much time on computers as they do with patients, 4.5 hours a day, clicking the mouse 4,000 times per shift. This inefficiency costs the US $140bn a year and contributes to physician burnout and growing waiting lists.

To address this challenge, TORTUS created an AI-powered computer interface for clinicians called OSLER. Acting as a co-pilot, OSLER interacts seamlessly with any medical software suite without back-end integration, taking care of tasks like note summarization, transcription, billing, and coding.

OSLER saves up to 60% of physicians’ time, doubles the quality of documentation, and reduces cognitive load by 75%. As a result, patients experience shorter wait times and more personalized care.

They’ve made significant progress, with two co-development partnership hospitals, signed NDAs with three EHR companies in the UK and Canada, and piloted their prototype with dozens of physicians. >50% of physicians reported they would be very disappointed to never use OSLER again.

Clinicians around the world already love their solution. The CCIO at one of their co-development partner hospitals stated, “Hands down the best application of AI in healthcare delivery I’ve ever seen.” OSLER is HIPAA compliant, cyber-secure, and piloting on two continents.

Their mission is to accelerate the intelligent and safe adoption of AI in healthcare for the benefit of patients, payers and clinicians alike.