Velsa is rethinking the way startups and SMEs discover legal challenges and select lawyers. Currently, this process happens in a time-consuming and inefficient way. This is due to startups and SMEs detecting legal problems not at all or way too late, and therefore assigning legal work in a manual, last-minute fashion. In Europe alone, startups and SMEs spend over €64.5bn per year on legal services this way.

Velsa brings the power of data to managing legal matters. They currently have 32+ startups from Berlin, London and Paris solving their legal challenges with their MVP.

Velsa’s MVP translates business actions and product features into legal roadmaps to generate data on legal steps, requirements, costs and timelines. Based on this data, Velsa matches the request with the right lawyer(s). 

Their MVP can save businesses millions in losses and opportunity costs that undetected legal challenges or a mediocre lawyer causes them today.