The AI agent for every lawyer.

Wexler’s goal is to make legal advice more affordable, more accessible and more bespoke to everyone who needs it.

To that end, we’re building an AI agent to assist with the all of the most manual processes in law, such as legal research, drafting, document review and client communications through natural language commands.

Automating these tasks reduces firms’ costs, drives up profitability and frees up time to bring in new business.

Unlike other legal tech platforms, Wexler is built for the end user, the individual lawyers at firms who struggle with client problems outside their expertise, and lack the resources to solve them.

We will take lawyers back to what they were 400 or 500 years ago, actually giving advice to those who need it.

We have shipped our MVP to 7 smaller, boutique and mid-sized firms in the UK, and we’ve built a pipeline of global & silver circle firms.