Zash is the most accurate, fast and simple blockchain indexer, providing enterprise grade data accuracy. As the read-middleware for the blockchain data, Zash’s multi-chain NFT data API covers over 140k NFT collections and 35+ marketplaces, automatically indexing across Ethereum, Solana and BNB chain.

Zash’s data stack includes a simple API and SDK built to provide a delightful developer experience to institutions to build their own composable blockchain data solution from ground up and launch faster with Zash’s curated datasets.

Zash uses advanced data science techniques to parse and label trades, collections and marketplaces at scale across all major blockchains. Zash’s system converts the long mix of addresses and convoluted transactions on chain to an easily digestible format, empowering users to make well-reasoned data-informed decisions.

Zash is very close to the customer whilst highlighting what the NFT community needs and evolving their offering to drive insights discovery quickly and effectively.
Demis Bhojoo Data Analytics Manager, Marketing and Product at Binance