#1: How to become a Founder

Founding a technology company is the most exciting and impactful career choice an ambitious person can make. But taking that leap can feel like a risky move, and raises a lot of questions – especially if you’re early in your career.

Should I leave my job? How much experience do I need to found a company? How do I deal with cultural expectations, imposter syndrome, or the fear of failure? How do I actually get started?

In this episode, Entrepreneur First co-founders Matt and Alice answer.

They are joined by guest Nacho, who is preparing to start the journey; reflect on their own stories as founders; and support an aspiring founder contemplating whether to quit their job.

For more insights on how to become a founder, Matt and Alice’s book ‘How to be a Founder’ is out now. Visit howtobeafounder.com for more information and to order your copy.