Concrete is responsible for ~8% of worldwide CO2. This is due to its most expensive and important ingredient: Clinker. Concrete contains excessive clinker to compensate for today’s error-prone, manual production process.

Alcemy is building a predictive control AI that automatically adjusts the mixture for every batch, minimizing the required clinker, to make green concrete at unparalleled cost.

Their big goal is to pioneer the scalable production of concrete where 50% of the clinker is replaced with abundantly available, cheap and CO2-free natural limestone. For this, they supercharge cement plants and succeeding concrete plants with our technology.

They are a team with ambitious but humble individuals – united in their motivation to move the worldwide CO2 needle.

I firmly believe that Alcemy can help cement and concrete producers to decarbonise their value chain.
Dr. Martin Schneider, CEO of the German Cement Association, the worldwide leading research institution on cement and concrete.

Alcemy pitch at our Europe 11 Demo Day

With Alcemy our quality team is invincible. Through the software we learn a lot about our product. Alcemy has become an instrument for us we can hardly live without.
Martin Franzke, Head of Quality for Alcemy's first customer.
Climate or Environment, Manufacturing or Industrial, Sustainability
Berlin, 2018