Today, traditional animal agriculture puts enormous pressure on the planet’s resources. To meet this challenge, hundreds of teams are trying to develop nutritious, sustainable, and tasty alternatives to meat.

Unfortunately, this $200B+ market is being let down by the base ingredients they rely on: namely soy & pea protein. As a result, most plant-based products today are falling short in at least one of these key metrics: nutrition, sustainability, or taste.

Allium Bio is combining the strengths of microalgae and mycelium in a novel co-culture fermentation method to create a new plant-based protein that grows faster, is significantly cheaper to harvest, and has unique functional properties (emulsification, binding, etc.).

In just a few months since founding, they have secured pilot projects with multiple plant-based meat customers across APAC, and partnerships with leading microalgae and mycelium research labs. Allium Protein v1 is expected to be available by the end of 2023, for use in plant-based meat, dairy, and a variety of other applications.