The apparel industry is responsible for over 9% of all CO2 emissions, 20% of wastewater globally, and the use of over 2 billion animals.

While we are surrounded by unsustainable materials today, we are also surrounded by abundant waste streams; Arda Biomaterials is transforming these waste streams into smarter, circular materials for brands to use. The company’s first approach is transforming brewery waste into leather. (Don’t worry, your beer is safe!)

Leather is ubiquitous, with a market size over US$400B. By leveraging chemistry, materials science, and alternative proteins, Arda is creating an animal and plastic-free leather alternative to supply the exploding demand for sustainable materials in the fashion, automotive, and upholstery industries.

The past five years saw the rise of alternative foods, such as plant-based meat and dairy. Arda is pioneering the rise of alternative materials and the new circular manufacturing systems to create them—all with climate at the top of mind.