We’re facing a food security crisis. To sustainably feed a population of 10 billion by 2050, we must increase the efficiency of plant, animal and microbial food sources.

A major barrier to improving these food systems is discovering genes responsible for essential traits such as drought-resistance in plants. Current gene discovery methods cost millions of dollars, take multiple years, and still fail more than 95% of the time.

Biographica are revolutionising this process, starting in crops. Their computational platform uses graph machine learning and knowledge graphs to identify economically-important plant genes 10x faster than current methods and uncover high-value genes overlooked by conventional approaches.

Biographica’s platform is currently under development as part of a commercial contract with a UK-based seed company. The team are also under NDA with five additional customers for paid partnerships following seed funding.

With their platform, Biographica intend to become the gene discovery engine behind the food of the future.