Calipsa’s mission is to make the world a safer place by helping to detect and prevent crime. Their solution is video analytics software with a difference. Using the latest deep learning technology, their cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform removes up to 90% of false alarms; recognising the cause of the alarm, filtering out any that are not caused by human or vehicle movement.

Whether you monitor, install or design CCTV, Calipsa helps you to better detect and prevent crime. Their software integrates seamlessly into existing monitoring operations; adding a critical layer of video analytics to enhance monitoring efficiency.

They are a fast moving multi-national team of data scientists and engineers, building world-leading machine learning technology to analyse and protect physical sites across the world. Some of the industry’s leading players have already been brought onto the Calipsa platform, and their investors include Entrepreneur First, LocalGlobe, and Horizon Ventures.